Architect Íris Cantante

about me


Íris Cantante (1981, Lisbon)

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism since 2005 from ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal. I start to work freelance after several years of working in international studios in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, highlighting my collaboration in Josep Lluis Mateo practice and Clorindo Testa.

At the moment I live in Portugal.

Architecture & interior design studio 

My goal as an architect is always to design spaces that make happy those who live in it, improving their quality of life.
Each project is personal and unique. I always have a sensitive approach, working together with clients through every stage of the process. Listen to their needs, their inspirations, ideas, concepts and motivations, materializing them into a project, with an original view. 

I work across retail, hospitality, commercial, residential and real estate.

Design spaces & objects. 
I face each project as an integral work. I am dedicated to bring something exclusive to each project. From the biggest to the smallest scale, I design each detail. Turning ideas into projects, detailing and monitoring their construction and finally helping clients with decoration. 

our team

Collaboration is the building block of our success.

We work together with a multidisciplinary team, a local network of high qualified professionals. 

Architect [] Engineer [] Designer